Responsible gaming

Most people gamble responsibly

According to psychologists, about 5% of adults are addicted one way or another. Pathological gamblers are among this 5%.  Most gamblers visit casinos less than 10 times a year and are able to consciously control this hobby. According to the data provided by various studies, compulsive gamblers amount to 5-10% of regular casino visitors.

Gambling addiction is a disorder

The gradually emerging gambling addiction is an emotional disorder, which can be diagnosed and treated. Three main phases of the disorder can be observed: the first one is the “Winning” phase, which lasts for 1–3 years; during the second phase, the player loses everything and starts borrowing money expecting to win everything back; however, after a while the player loses everything again, including the borrowed money. During the third stage, a significant number of gamblers make money for gambling by illegal means. Simple tests to individually assess the degree of gambling addiction risk can be found on the website of the State Gaming Authority.

Professional help

In order to avoid gambling addiction, it is advisable to establish clear limits on the money and time allocated to gambling and to follow them strictly. In most cases, the banning of gambling does not solve gambling-related problems but on the contrary – exacerbates them. For this reason, we encourage you to seek professional help.
The person who wishes to have his / her opportunity to gamble restricted and be banned from gambling establishments may submit an application to the State Gaming Authority, which will be forwarded to gaming organisers.
Centres for Addictive Disorders established in major Lithuanian cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Panevėžys) provide consultation to pathological gamblers and the opportunity to be engaged in the groups of gamblers anonymous offering to help free of charge 
Help is provided by:
Gaming Control Authority
Ukmergės g. 222, Vilnius
Tel. (8-5) 233 62 46

Consultation on problem gambling:

Centre of Consulting Psychology
Doctor Psychiatrist Vilma Andrejauskienė

Tel.: +37065200157