A royal evening with Džordana Butkutė

About Event

The concert of Džordana Butkutė, the queen of the stage, took place at Olympic Casino Lietuva in the spring of 2019.

Well-known works of the performer were played in the capital that evening.

"I always strive for the best result on stage. No matter what the mood, what circumstances, the most important is the audience for me. When listeners accepts the artist well, reacts warmly to the songs, it is the only recipe that turns off all negative emotions. During the show, I forget everything that is outside the stage - I live only in that moment. I can confidently say that being on stage is the best medicine despite of how you feel." - said Džordana Butkutė as the concert approached.

The concert program included the much-anticipated and loved hits that most people have been listening since childhood, as well as new songs that fans have already come to love. Every song of the artist was greeted with loud applause from the audience.

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